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Local economic development requires acceptable levels of infrastructure to thrive. It includes the development of roads in Bela-Bela. An integrated transport plan needs to be developed and financed for implementation. Public transport issues relating to taxi, bus, rail, etc. must also be addressed.

Internal roads under the authority of Bela-Bela Municipality (in terms of municipal roads classification) should be maintained to a high standard. Bela-Bela has a landing strip which presents an opportunity to be developed to a level where it can accommodate charter planes. There are tourists who prefer to fly to Bela-Bela. This may in the longer term trigger a plan for airport development to cater for tourists from abroad and local.

Infrastructure provision such as water, sanitation, waste management, communication, electricity, etc. should support tourism facilities such as hotels, game lodges and golf estates as far as possible. Bela-Bela Town's development should be the first priority in terms of municipal infrastructure provision. This will assist local business to thrive and attract more tourists and have agricultural products transported to markets, processed and exported to other countries.

Infrastructure development should be provided in time and maintained regularly. The service industry strives within an environment where there are good roads, communication, electricity, water, and sanitation networks. These and other issues will make the environment conducive to do business and create jobs and grow the local economy.

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