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Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is the portal of entry and exit from the Municipality and supports the functions of all the other departments in the Municipality. The Department provides support services and generally ensures that all administrative functions of the Municipality are properly coordinated.

The department's objective is to ensure that the administrative affairs of this council and administration are of a high standard.

The department is split in the following five main sub-function and reports as per outlined indicators on monthly and quarterly basis.

Legal Services
  • -Average turnaround time (days) for disciplinary cases to be investigated and charges to be drawn
  • -Average turnaround time (days) for grievance cases to be finalised
  • -Number of Training Sessions conducted with Managers, Deputy Managers, Divisional and Supervisors regarding Disciplinary Procedures and labour relation matters
  • -Percentage of Service Providers with whom Service Level Agreements have been signed
  • -Number of by-laws /reviewed developed and gazetted and approved by Council
  • -Number ligation reports compiled and tabled to Council
  • -Number of training sessions conducted with people working with contracts and the enforcement of by-laws
Human Resources
  • -Percentage budgeted positions filled to reduce vacancy rate Percentage reduction in vacancy rate
  • -Number of Senior Management posts advertised shortlisted and interviewed
  • -Number of HRM & HRD Strategy reviewed and approved by Council
  • -Number of Employment Equity Reports submitted to Department of Labour
  • -Number of people from employment equity groups employed in the three highest levels of management in compliance with the municipality's approved employment equity plan
  • -Number of competency assessments conducted for Managers in line with regulations
  • -Number of Organizational Structure reviewed and submitted to the Municipal Manager for submission to Council for approval
  • -Number of HR policies reviewed and approved by Council Number of Employee wellness campaigns conducted and reported to Council
  • -Number medical screening sessions held
  • -Number of EAP policies reviewed and approved by Council
  • -Number of local labour forum meetings held
  • -Number of awareness sessions held with staff members on code of conduct
  • -Number of OHS Assessment (identification of hazards and risks) conducted and report
  • -Number of OHS action plans (based upon the findings of the OHS Audit) developed
  • -Number of Evacuation / Emergency Plan developed/reviewed and approved by
  • -Number of evacuation training sessions conducted with staff
  • -Number of evacuation drills conducted
  • -Percentage implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Council Administration
  • -Number of scheduled Council meetings held
  • -Number of Section 79 meetings held
  • -Number of days taken to distribute Council Agenda prior to an ordinary Council meeting
  • -Number of days taken to distribute Council resolution to respective departments
  • -Update 4x Council Resolution Register and table to Council
  • -% implementation of Council Resolutions related to Corporate Services
Information Technology
  • -Number of ICT Risk Assessments conducted
  • -Number of ICT Steering Committee Meetings held
  • -Number of ICT related policies, standards and guidelines developed /reviewed
  • -Number of training sessions conducted with all sections within the municipality regarding Standard Operating Procedures related to Records and Archives
Human Resources Development
  • -Number of councillors trained
  • -Number of Officials trained
  • -Number of ward Committee members trained
  • -Percentage municipality's (operating) budget actually spent on implementing its workplace skills plan
  • -Number of Workplace Skills Plans developed and submitted to LGSETA
Office of the Manager Corporate Services
  • -Number of Audit Committee meetings attended as per the invitation
  • -Number of Risk Committee meetings attended as per the invitation
  • -Number of scheduled Council meetings attended
  • -Percentage of Auditor General queries related to Corporate Services resolved
  • -Number of days taken (turnaround time) to submit performance information for performance reporting
  • -Percentage capital budget actually spent on budgeted capital projects (Corporate Services) identified for 2015/2016 financial year i.t.o. IDP
  • -Promulgating of by-laws
  • -Network Infrastructure Refresh project.
  • -(Repairs and maintenance)
  • -Access Control System
  • -Furnisher & Other Office Equipment
  • -Customer Care System


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