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Municipal Manager


Mr. N.S. Bambo
Municipal Manager

The workaholic Mr Bambo is deeply devoted to the eradication of poverty. “Without poverty, there won’t be crime and without crime, there won’t be fear and without fear, there won’t be mutual suspicion” he believes.

The priority, he asserted, remain ensuring sustainable development and faster service delivery in Bela-Bela Local Municipality.

Employment History

Academic Record



2003: Attended numerous courses on Project Management, Local Economic Development, Credit Management for Public sector and Ring-Fencing and Corporatization
2004:  Attended a five-day course on Investment Promotion in Ireland
2005: Certificate Programme in Management Development for Municipal Finance (Wits University) 

1998/9: Part of the team that won Limpopo the National Presidential Awards Community initiative
2001/02: Develop Provincial Guideline Document on the co-ordination of donor funded programmes
2002: Leader of Provincial team (Limpopo) that negotiated and developed the Financing Agreement for LED programme

Community involvement

Mr Bambo played a significant role both in politics and community development in the Limpopo Province. He served in numerous positions in the public sector particularly the local government sphere, several social and political movements and continues to play an influential role in numerous community development projects.

He has proven to be a strategist, seasoned administrator and a devoted community activist.

As accounting officer of the municipality the municipal manager is responsible and accountable for:

  • All income and expenditure of the municipality
  • All assets and the discharge of all liabilities of the municipality ;and
  • Proper and diligent compliance with applicable municipal finance management legislation.


As head of administration the municipal manager of a municipality is, subject of the policy directions of the municipality council, responsible and accountable for:

  • The formation and development of an economical ,effective .efficient and accountable administration
    • Equipped to carry out the task of implementing the municipality's integrated development plan in accordance with chapter 5
    • Operating in accordance with Chapter 6, and
    • Responsive to the needs of the local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality:
  • The management of the municipality's administration in accordance with this Act and other legislation applicable to the municipality
  • The implementation of the municipality's integrated development plan, and the monitoring of progress with implementation of the plan
  • The management of the provision of services to the local community in a sustainable and equitable manner
  • The appointment of staff other than those referred to in section 56(a), subject to the Employment Equity Act ,1998(Act No .55 of 1998)
    • The management, effective utilization and training of staff
    • The maintenance of discipline of staff. h. The promotion of sound labour relations and compliance by the municipality with the applicable labour legislation
      • Advising the political structures and political office bearers of the municipality
  • Managing communications between the municipality's administration and its political structures and political offices bearers
  • Carrying out the decisions of the political office bearers of the municipality
  • The administration and implementation of the municipality's by-laws and other legislation
  • The exercise of any powers and the performance of any duties delegated by the municipal council ,or sub-delegated by other delegating authorities of the municipality, to the municipal council manager in terms of section 59
  • Facilitating participation by the local community in the affairs of the municipality
  • Developing and maintaining a system whereby community satisfaction with municipal services is assessed
  • The implementation of national and provincial legislation applicable to the municipality

The performance of any other function that may be assigned by the municipal council.


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